Japanese engineers continue to work on a power train development for the new WRX that will be developed through the same Subaru Global platform that underpins the new XV and Impreza car. Both the car models including the WRX and the STI are at least 30 months away from launch. Colin Christie – the Australian managing director of Subaru was speaking of launch of one of its kind of second generation Subaru XV. He confirmed that the new WRX and STI were expected to arrive within two to three years.


There are no plans to introduce any new or more powerful engines to its standard Impreza smaller car and XV the small SUV range at this point of time, according to Subaru Australia. it would be a good thing to have new and more powerful engines built up for the cars and SUVs, but there is nothing on the cards right now. The 1.6 liter turbocharged Levorg engine does not seem to fit in. thus these models of Impreza sports are restricted to pack changes.

Customers are quite happy with the performance from Subaru Impreza that includes a 115kw, 2.0liter boxer four cylinder petrol engine with sales for small cars segment declining by at least 50%. The engine is known to work just right and works as it is designed to do so. Impreza’s expanding sales volume has contributed to the growth of 10% sales growth. The company is bullish about prospects for the new XV as the interest in smaller SUVs continues to grow.

The Forester and the Outback is expected to come out later at the end of this year. Before the WRX arrives, Subaru Australia expects to further strengthen its stronghold on other two SUVs mentioned above. It will be challenging and the competition is quite strong for these vehicles, but WRX may not face competition from its competitor or the Mitsubishi Evo, with a reported replacement not until the 2023.