Infiniti Q60’s 2017 DNF review


This is a red sports car that looks very promising. The performance and the power to weight ratio was ok. The car took part in Australia’s best driver’s car for 2017, just after its launch a few weeks earlier. It was a risky event with high octane event like the ABCD – it fell victim to man circumstances. There was an outstanding performance that was offered by the car’s drive train, it was clear that the Q60 was struggling for grip. Even within it normal drive mode, it was prone to over steer on the wet roads of Tasmania.

Switching to the sport mode would probably make it tougher and worsen things. In this mode the stability control software will allow more latitude for what could be a tail out for any racetrack with many runoff areas. But on slippery roads, the Q60’s characteristics were quite demanding. The power delivery and transmission calibration changed to mapping that was more aggressive. Turbo boost is sudden and transmission would kick down with a superbly aggressive acceleration and hold lower gears for longer periods of time. This was in the sport mode and not the Sport+ mode that was seriously hard-core.

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Leaving the car in normal mode was probably safer, and would maintain a quicker pace all across the country. This car has been in a field of 12 cars for this year’s running of Australia best driver’s car. It has a daring design as you can experience the future right here at INFINITI design that was embodied with all new Q60. It has an athletic stance with 19inch large alloy wheels to make your intentions clear. It has a revolutionary 3D stamping process that allows for aggressive creases and also deeper curves with high character lines to capture your imagination.

Even the door hinges were redesigned by the engineers who provide dramatic sculpting. It also has an aerodynamic advantage. A 0.29 coefficient of drag says that this sports coupe is invisible to wind and is striking to the eye. This is a body of art crafted expressly for the driver. The interiors have a bold look to it and have fine modern materials. It provides an awesome sport seat design, that are tailored and accented and the steering wheel has a natural grip. Feel the rush of the turbo. Experience its fuel economy of the four cylinders with optimal power and efficiency that will help you glide confidently forward.

Some of its features include superbly noticeable technology built to enhance your senses including striking design that makes you feel more alive. We have a cutting edge system that put power in your hands. The sound system is loaded with Bose like speakers and connectivity is through INFINITI in Touch. Then there is the INFINITI SAFETY SHIELD that provides layers of technologies to help monitor conditions that helps you avoid collision and protect you or the passengers. Then there is active lane control and intelligent cruise control.