Get rid of your old truck and earn top cash

Managing the matter of the junk truck that sits on your driveway can be quite unpleasant. Most certainly you will be stuck with a pile of scrap metal in your hands. This usually happens when the repairs costs of the truck exceed its value.

What if you could get rid of your old truck and get paid for it? Yes, getting paid for your old truck is a service you can easily take advantage of. You can monetize your junk truck and have it removed from your driveway, front alley, or garage, by simply filling up an online form.


The first thing that you need to do is to research the places that are willing to purchase your scrap truck. You can check online for scrap truck companies. You may also want to check out their reviews and see if they have received any positive feedback from other customers as that should clue you in as to whether these companies are good or not. You should also do thorough research about the value of your truck.

And what other peoples are asking for the same truck as yours. You must know the real worth of your truck this can help you a lot in dealing with your truck. Do remember that when it comes to selling for scrap, it is always a better idea to sell it to a company rather than to desert it in a salvage yard.

Shop Around

Rather than settle for the first scrap car company that you come across, you may want to look around and see if you can get an estimate from them. Just contact a few good junk truck companies and ask for a cash quote for your truck. Getting a cash quote is quite easy you can get an instant cash quote by simply filling a form on the company’s website or through a phone call or email. And you can go ahead with the one who offers you the most attractive rate that makes more sense, doesn’t it?

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Free Towing

It is best to go for a company that provides free towing services for your truck from your house or garage. Ask them if there are any additional costs to haul your truck away. A good Scrap truck removal company will remove your truck from your house without any extra charges no matter if your truck is drivable or not. This can save you from the hassle to haul your truck to their garage and you can also save some money.

Complete Documentation

Before you can sell your truck for scrap, you need to make sure that you have all the required documentation as it applies to your truck in order. It is essential that you keep all the car documentation safe and sound, as the company would definitely ask for the same, before approving the purchase.

The most important documentation would, of course, be the title deed which you would need to transfer to the company, on purchase. And then, of course, you may also have to share other pertinent information including on vehicle insurance with the buyer. But there is also some Cash for old Truck companies who don’t ask for the documents.


Insist on immediate payment on handing over your car there is no reason as to why you would want to wait for a day or two for payment. Make sure that the company in question does not pull a fast one. Before entering into an agreement to junk a truck ask about the payment process.  Only allow them to take your truck after the full payment in cash.