What is the Function of Fuel Filters in Car’s Engine?

A fuel filter is a refining tool in fuel lines that masks out dirt particles from the fuel. It is located either in most internal combustion engines or underneath the car by the “fuel tank”. The rust and offshore particles cause quick wear and failure of the fuel pump.

In every vehicle, fuel filter traps all large and small particles in order to prevent them from entering into the car’s engine. Due to the dreadful force behind the up and down motion of the pistons of the engine, which restrict the air-fuel blend to burn it more efficiently.

Large particles in the fuel if present can cause serious damage to the car’s engine. changing a car’s engine is nearly impossible thus one should take great care of it by taking care of its components like fuel filters, air filters, and carbonators, etc.

Replacement of a fuel filter:

It’s essential in car repair. Fuel filter is cheap in cost in comparison with total engine cost. Thus, you should take overdue care.

If that’s not replaced on a regular basis it may become sealed with impurities. Which will resist the normal fuel flow? So, it might cause a huge drop in engine performance.

There are different types of fuel filters available to make the fuel-free from dirt, dust and other impurities. They will ensemble fluctuating conditions of operations.

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Types of fuel filters:

There are two basic types of fuel filters which are mentioned ahead;

Preliminary Fuel Filters:

  • This kind of “fuel filter” is equipped in the gap between the fuel tank and the fuel feed pump. A preliminary fuel filter is constructed from a single bowl in which a punctured tube is fitted in the middle.
  • The perforated middle tube is surrounded by a circular elements. After that “a gasket” is placed on the head of the bowl to check if there is any leakage or not.
  • When clout is created through the fuel feed pump, then fuel from the tank is sucked by the filter element. It will drop the contaminants into the globular tube in the middle. Where it is pinched out by the feed pump.
  • After that, the dust and other contaminants left by the fuel at the refining unit collect at the bottom of the bowl. From where they are drawing out frequently, by the drain wedge fitted at the bottom of the bowl.

Secondary Fuel Filter:

  • In binary secondary filter, two numbers of filter elements are hired.
  • One of which consists of “ordinary filter elements” and the other is composed of “fine filter elements”.
  • Both filtering units are supported by a bolt right in the middle. Which can be called a “filter element carrier”.
  • At first, the fuel enters the ordinary filter unit (first filtering element). Where it crumbs large dust or foreign particles at the element, and then the “fuel” flows out through the center.
  • The refined fuel then goes through the next filtering stage which is the Fine Filter element. Where even the finest particles of dirt, rust, etc. or other contaminants are separated from the fuel. Then this purified (free from dirt) fuel flows towards the feed pump.
  • The “air vent” screw is situated at the head of the filter for air venting. Even at the bottom of the bowl, after that “drain plugs” are constructed to remove the impurities and contaminants which are collected from the fuel.

We hope this article was useful to you guys. And now you would probably be aware of everything about fuel filters of car engine, may it be its types or may it be the function of fuel filters in a car engine, etc.