Know More about Safe Driving Tips to Avoid Accidents

It is essential to take the proper precautions to minimize road accident risk. The better awareness of general safety tips, the less likely it is that a driver may injure himself while on the job.

In this new era, the car driver is protected by more car safety features than ever, including airbags, shatter-resistant glass, anti-lock brakes, stability control, and more. Constantly evolving vehicles have created the need for more car safety features than vehicles of the decade ago. As cars become faster and more efficient, they must also become safer.

Due to the advancement in technology, cameras, and connectivity has made cars safer than ever before. From automatic braking to smart cruise control and high grin, here are few car safety features that will help to look for when shopping for a new vehicle. No doubt, any car is only as safe as its driver, so brush up on these safe driving tips for scary driving situations.

Collision Resistant Glass:

This type of glass provides a windshield that breaks into frequent, harmless pieces in the event of an accident. The windshields in earlier motor vehicles were unsafe. If the windshield was to brake, the driver would definitely be covered in shards of glass. Shatterproof glass is covered in such a way as to prevent injuries.


Seatbelts are a percussion safety measure for the drivers and as well for the person who is traveling in the same car especially sitting on the front seat. This safety feature, made-up most probably in 1849, was not standard tool until 1966, when the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Act and the Highway Safety Act gave control to the federal ministry. It was mandatory for car manufacturing companies to add this essential part to the new car-making process.

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Automatic Emergency Brakes:

Collision cautions are good and these are certainly better than nothing at all to help to prevent a collide, but nothing beats automatic emergency braking when it comes to car safety features no vehicle should be without. During emergency braking situations the rear wheels lock up, causing the vehicle to slide and swerve to a stop.

The introduction of ABS solved the slewing trouble and also allowed the driver to maintain control of the steering while braking on slick surfaces.

Lane Assist:

Lane assist is a car safety feature and all vehicles should have this facility because it literally keeps the drivers from veering into another lane. This is especially crucial to keep car drivers safe late at night when tired eyes get heavy and weary minds often drift, causing cars to do the same.

This technology gently bounces cars back into their lane unless a turn signal is on to signify the desire to switch lanes. It is properly luminous and could save more lives if every car had this safety feature normal.

Stability Control:

This feature allows the drivers to avoid dangerous rollover accidents, by the computer helping to compensate for driver error. If the car driver turned too hard in a vehicle without stability control, he may have a rollover accident. If he did the same plan in a vehicle with stability control the computer compensates for the amount of over guide by sending power to different wheels to avoid an accident.

Quality Tires:

Tire tread is vital to staying safe on the road. A quality set of tires is a car safety trait no vehicle should be without because tires are a point of contact with the road surface and therefore are every bit as dangerous as what’s under the hood, on the inside, and the safety features on the dashboard. Find out if the tires pass this crucial one-second test.

High Beams:

Three types of lights are necessary for any vehicle: (i) break lights (ii) turn signals and (iii) headlights. Make sure to use all these. Check the bulbs regularly to ensure that they’re in perfect working form.

High Beams:

Three types of lights are necessary for any vehicle: (i) break lights (ii) turn signals and (iii) headlights. Make sure to use all these. Check the bulbs regularly to ensure that they’re in perfect working form.

If the car drivers travel on regular basis on long routes at nighttime, they should consider having powerful bulbs or HIDs installed for headlights.