Japanese Corolla Second generation (E20; 1970–1974) Review

Japanese Corolla 1970

The Japanese Corolla E20

The Japanese Corolla E 20 was the second generation cars sold by Japanese under the name plate of the Corolla nameplate. The second generation model was launched in May 1970, had a coke bottle styling with a 2,335mm wheelbase. The front suspension design was known to improve greatly with the use of a sway bar, but the rear end remained relatively similar. This particular car became second bestselling car not only in Australia, but also all over the world.

Various different models

Various different grades from Sedan were Standard, Deluxe, and Hi-Deluxe. The coupe was mostly offered in Deluxe SL, SR, or Levin. There might have been some minor changes made to the car model in the year 1971 and in the month of September. There was a new grille, turn signal lights, and tail lights, with equal treatment to the sprinter. A better facelift was provided to the car in August 1972. Most models stopped production in July 1974. Some of the models were marketed in various countries all over the world apart from Australia.

Manufactured in various countries

They were still being manufactured in countries like Japan, US, Indonesia and Australia. This is a line of a subcompact and compact cars manufactured by Japanese. Introduced in the year 1966, it was one of the best selling cars worldwide by 1974. It became one of the best selling nameplate n the world, beating Volkswagen Beetle. 40 million Corollas were sold over 11 generations in the month of July, 2013. Since then the series has gone through major changes and redesigns.

Production from 1970 till 1974

The Corolla name was derived from the use of names from Japanese crown that was used for the sedans. Earlier models were rear wheel drive, but now they are front wheel drives as well. The Japanese Corolla has been really exclusive in Japan and the US, apart from Australia. The production was previously being carried out in Victoria, Australia and several other parts of the world. The second generation was from 1970 till the 1974 and was named the E20. It was restyled with a more rounded body.

Japanese Corolla in Australia and New Zealand

In Australia, only the 3k powered 2 doors KE-20 was mostly found in the sedan and the wagon or even the panel van. The brakes are mostly single system without any boosters, solid discs in the front portion of the car and the rear drums. The front sway bar was present, but there was no rear sway bar. The parts are not compatible with later models. In New Zealand, the 4-door KE20 was mostly available.

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