How to Clean a Car Battery Corrosion?

A car with a fresh battery is like the peace of mind because it does not need any type of maintenance for a long time. But if a car has a battery that is corroded and not able to perform well then it will be a headache for a car owner. Do people think that how this car battery corrosion problem occurs in a car? A car that is in the garage or in the backyard for so many years and not in running condition then it causes corrosion in different parts of the car. The main part that affected this corrosion is the battery of a car.

Corrosion can affect the battery terminals and battery cable ends. Corrosion in the battery increases vastly if engine and battery of a car are not in working condition and stuck in one place for a long time. It also affects the other parts too but the battery is the main part that can suffer at first. The corrosion in a battery can damage the whole battery if not get it in observation. So whenever you feel that your car is not in running condition for so many times then keep check and balance on it and on its main parts so that you don’t need to work on it.

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What is Corrosion in a Battery?

Corrosion is a chemical reaction that affects car battery terminals and battery cable ends. It created in the car battery if a car is not in running condition. Corrosion is looked like a crusty substance that is created around the battery of a car. It becomes the reason for the disconnection of a battery with other power supply tools and unable to supply power in the tools that help the engine to start running a car. So you can get rid of this corroded battery and can make its performance well if check it on a regular basis and clean its corrosion.

The reason behind Corroded Battery

There is much reason why the battery becomes corroded and stop performing well. When a car is not in running state then the car battery gets affected by corrosion that occurs due to many reasons.  Battery age can be the first reason for corrosion on it then it needs to replace the battery immediately.

Copper clamps are one of the basic reasons for making corrosion in the battery. It is used to create clamps that are the connection between wires and the battery. Although copper is not the reason for that corrosion if the current overpasses through it then it produces copper sulphate that become the reason for corrosion in the battery.

Overheating can also become another reason for corrosion in the battery that pushes electrolyte out of the vents and becomes the corrosion. Similarly, the overflow of water in the battery tank can be the reason for corrosion in the battery. The other basic reason is that if you don’t maintain the battery on a regular basis then there is a leakage in the electrolyte and becomes the reason for corrosion.

How to Clean Battery Corrosion?

There are different ways to remove battery corrosion. You can clean a corroded battery with household items or with professional-grade supplies. Both are easy and become the reason for corrosion removal. To clean this corrosion with both the methods you need to follow these simple steps.

First of all, you need to remove battery cables for cleaning the battery terminal. So make sure positive and negative cables are removed correctly. You should have eyeglasses, battery terminal wrench and gloves to clean battery terminals. To arrange these tools before you disconnect the cables. Then be careful while cleaning a corroded battery because the battery has acid inside that can be the reason for serious injuries. So, remove cables ends with the help of necessary tools.

If you want to clean the battery with household then you need water, a wire brush, petroleum jelly, and baking soda to make a saturated solution. Cover battery terminal by spreading some amount of baking soda the pour 2 tablespoons of water on each terminal. Baking soda will make reaction with water and make bubbles. This reaction of baking soda, water and corrosion will neutralize the acid that will totally safe for you.

The same process will be done with the cable ends. After neutralizing the acid, scrub both the terminal immediately. After removing all the corrosion by scrubbing, rinse battery terminals and cables end with lean water. Now let it dry completely, spread some petroleum jelly on terminals and cable ends and then make the connection again.

The other process for cleaning car battery corrosion is profession graded equipment that is also safe for you. If you want to start this process then you need water, grease, butter cleaner spray and battery terminal brush. This process is also safe for removing car battery corrosion.